Beeeeep. Beeeeeeeeeep. BEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEP!

My head jerked up from my pillow as the apartment buzzer blared loudly.

Oh no! I’d fallen back asleep after Zach left for work, and a delivery man was at the door!


The buzzer blared loudly again!

I stumbled out of bed and tried frantically to make myself decent enough for the public eye. However despite my efforts, I was like one of those silly Hallmark movie ladies as I scuffled down the stairs just after the truck puffed away. I tiredly plucked the “We Missed You” notice from the door. Great. And this was the third time we’d missed it because we’d been gone over the weekend!

I couldn’t help feeling like somewhat of a failure. Oh well.

I ended up going online to re-route the package to a local pickup spot. Hopefully it’ll work out, and the Fed-Ex Grinches won’t win! Hehe Jk.

Finding the right Christmas gift is always a lot of work! It can be so hard to know what someone would want or use. So far it hasn’t stopped me from loving the holiday though. Its so cozy and beautiful, and it’s good to remember that the whole tradition of giving gifts started because of the greatest gift of all: Jesus Christ our Savior!

And of course, one must have a spot to present the gifts for Christmas morning! Getting our first Christmas tree together was super fun! Throw back to Black Friday:

“Shall we check out the Christmas decorations Honey?” I squeezed Zach’s hand as we browsed through the sales at Target.

“Sure let’s do it!” Zach grinned.

We ended up finding some great deals–we got the perfect sized fake tree for about half off the regular price! We made quite the giddy couple as we skipped (kind of!) through the mall with our long box and ornaments in tow. We set it up later that day and it turned out soooo beautiful! I love how the room glows when we turn it on at night.

In fact the other day we left it on while we went out, and when we drove up we could see the tree sparkling and glowing from our apartment window. Special moments!

It’s hard to believe we only have one more week to really get ready before all the festivities start! We have to finish the last of our Christmas shopping, and get the gifts wrapped! Also I have to do some baking. Hopefully it’ll all get done!

It will be interesting for Zach and I to experience our first Christmas together as a married couple! We have 4 Christmas gatherings on Zach’s side and 3 on my side! I’ve felt tempted to be stressed sometimes thinking of everything, but I’m trying to just be on cruise control and go with the flow. And I really am excited about it all! It’s going to be so much fun.

I hope your Christmas preps are going great, and that it’s been an enjoyable season for you so far! Thank you for joining me for another coffee chat! (I’ve been having some computer troubles, but in general I hope to post every week.)

God bless you all my friends!


7 thoughts on “May Your Days be Married and Bright

  1. Love the story and can definitely relate to not getting to the door in time for the delivery guy. Thank you for sharing this wonderful series of pre-Christmas events!!

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